Our Approach

Business consulting powered by best-of-breed technologies. Tech Point offers end-to-end solutions that drive tangible value.

An Evolved Consulting Model

It is no longer sufficient to bring your organization to industry standard. You need to excel beyond the average and perform in the top percentage of your market. High-functioning organizations require solutions that can drive real value. Tech Point helps you achieve specific and measurable results through a balanced, multidisciplinary approach to problem solving.

The Evolved Enterprise – Investing in your future

The intersection between the business and technology units within organizations is becoming increasingly blurred and your ability to bridge this gap is essential. Technology for technology's sake is an outdated notion. To provide maximum value, it must be viewed as a powerful business enabler. Integrating effective technology solutions into your daily workflow is essential for evolving into an agile, adaptive enterprise. We help extend your IT seamlessly into your business. This movement towards automated business processes allows you to develop more core business flexibility and increased efficiency.

Agile. Nimble. Smart.

Today's market demands even more from businesses and government agencies. Businesses must deal with pressures for continual growth at lower costs. Government agencies are being asked to maintain or improve services to their constituents, while lowering costs dramatically, and preparing for ever more complex risks. Tech Point assists you to work more efficiently, become more adaptive and more effectively manage risk. We partner with you to address your end-to-end solution needs in a holistic way. Tech Point provides you with small, seasoned teams with expertise in various areas of business process, technology, operations, strategy and analytics. By remaining focused on your goals throughout the entire solution lifecycle, this close-knit team of professionals helps you outperform your industry standard in a complete, orchestrated, and targeted way.

A good idea is only a good idea if it is executed well

Tech Point has a clear understanding of the business drivers behind the adoption of new strategic technology solutions; innovation dies if it is not adopted by the entire enterprise. We work with the people who interface with all aspects of a solution—from C-level management to the end-user-- and develop a business process and incentive framework to ensure buy-in at all levels of your organization. Our follow through is one more way we help you realize maximum value.

Independently Assessed. Quality Assured

Tech Point focuses on providing quality solutions. As an independently assessed SEI-CMM Level 3 company, Tech Point is held to a high quality standard. Our methodology provides well defined processes through the entire development lifecycle and it conforms to these rigid standards. The methodology is based on our vast experience in implementing enterprise solutions and clearly leverages the strengths of several industry standard methodologies. It provides you with a clear understanding of the objective at all stages of a project. Our consultants receive extensive quality control training and are adept at working in both CMM and Six Sigma environments.

You won't find a more responsive, consistent IT staffing company anywhere. When it comes to building our business and taking care of our clients we take pride in demonstrating courage, tenacity, commitment, honor, respect, humility and excellence.